Real people. Real transformation.

The Larder has become a life saver for me and helps me not to be so anxious.

Aati was born in Asia and travelled the world with work. “I used to live a luxurious life and had a great job and partner.” 

In 2019 “things changed in my life. I hit a bad case of anxiety and depression.” 

Aati found themself with no social life, lonely and abusing alcohol. “This was my lowest point. I lost my job due to depression, lost my home and started living on the street. I had no money and no clean clothes.” This was not a safe place. 

Aati was directed to the Larder by another local charity “If you are hungry, you can always come to the Larder”

They started coming regularly; walking several miles to get here in the early days. 

As well as hot food “I was given a blanket to sleep with. I was able to shower and have clean clothes” and was assisted by Ashford Place into supported accommodation. “It felt good.” 

As life improved Aati wanted to give something back to the Larder and started to volunteer. “My first duties were peeling apples and potatoes.” 

“The Larder has become a life saver for me and helps me not to be so anxious. I am so happy to be a volunteer here; it saved me at the roughest time of my life. I have been given food and comfort and met some really good people.” 

Aati is in a much better place now and managing to stay abstinent from alcohol. They are keeping busy and are now in paid employment as well as volunteering at the Larder. 

“I really want to see this place live on – it saved me, and it helps so many families. Since I came, I have not looked back.”